Singapore is a well planned city and its transport system is very efficient. The word efficient is used since you can predict daily from point of origin and destination the arrival time within 5-10 minutes… hindi sya katulad dati na from Laspinas Bamboo Organ to Kabihasnan Paranaque with a distance of roughly 5 KM aabutin ka ng kalahating oras or mahigit pa.. kung swerte mga 15 minutes lang.

Hoping the EDSA Bus Carousel concept will be implemented through out Metro Manila kung effective ito.

Back to topic.., Singapore has several modes of transportation.

Modes of Transport in Singapore

Bus > $SMRT, SBS, “GO Ahead Singapore”
Train > $SMRT, SBS
Taxi > $ -$$Comfort Delgro, Yellow Cab, SMRT & Others
Helicopter > ?In- progress
Simple Guide for “First Timer ” in Singapore Commuting

So first timer, you have choices above and how to pay or papaano magbayad? Well, commonly you can pay by “Cash”, “Pre-Paid” & “EZ Link”.

BusCash , EZLINK
TrainPrepaid Card, EZLINK
TaxiCash, Credit and/or Debit Card
Note: Paying cash in bus transport must be exact in $ amount
since there will be no change or “sukli”.

If you wanted to use or purchase EZLINK, you can visit any bus or train station and head to the office or ticketing area.

Iyon lang 🙂

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